Friday, September 16, 2011

Read some more...

Ladies, while others are busy with worthless talk, find your own corner and better be occupied with a material that's worth your time.
Skip the rubbish.
Grab the essentials.
Read history. It allows you too see yourself as part of a very big picture. History, with all its complexities, broadens your outlook. It makes you understand the world as it is now.  The rising and falling of empires, weird philosophies, intrigues, conquerors, conquests, developments, all other changes that flow from and in them, would give you a place of significance in this fascinating world. More importantly, reading through the past magnifies the Creator who is in control of everything.

Read poetry. Nothing beats good old poetry. Rhyme and imagery make the heart glow. Poetry puts savor to your words and grace to your mind. There's richness in it that never fades through time. 

Read while others party too much. The silence in your room makes feelings warmer than flashing thrill of noise and temporary excitement. Enough with destroying your eardrums and filling your tummies with junk!  

Read while others waste their time in front of the mirror. Your knowledge could add sparkle in your eyes more than a mere brush of tint. Your beauty comes from your brains and not from a mask of powder and color. After all,  real beauty is planted in the heart by the One and only real joy Giver. Let Him do the transformation and you will surely have a blessed glow! 

Read The Bible. Read it over and over again. It's history, poetry and all other wonderful things combined. It's actually God Himself talking to you and teaching you. Other books just give knowledge. The Bible gives heavenly knowledge and the power to make all other knowledge turn to wisdom. So feast on it. Heartily obey and follow it. When God commands, it's actually for every soul's good because The Maker simply knows best. Above all, His Holy Word reveals our status in God's eyes. With our helpless state, He lavishly revealed to us His love through Jesus. That sole kind of love that gives us life eternal and that perfect love that truly satisfies.

But hey, life is not all about reading! Paint your lips pink or red, make your nails glitter and do brush your hair. There's always time to spare. Stretch those lazy bones and dance to a beat. Dress as a princess and treat yourself at times. Be with the people you love and lavish them with your God-given grace and wits!

Then find another corner and read some more!