Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Need to write..

All right. Done with all the excuses I could come up with. Well, I'm still a pen-and-paper writer and I still feel like I need a personal typist who could read my mind so I would not miss any fleeting but actually very interesting idea that my head throws away in a second.

So what do I want to share here? Just the thought that I really have to write. With all the new things I am experiencing these days, I can't believe I skipped journaling. Stories have to be kept. Lessons need to be shared. Wonderful experiences need not be kept in my heart.

Well, I typed this for less than three minutes and I don't have the time to go back to that "journaling" wih a red mark on it! hahaha.... never mind the grammar, or spelling problems? i just need to get this rolling. There, after a long while, I have a new post! Hello everyone, I'm back to blogging..  thanks blogspot for bearing with me. and THANK YOU JESUS FOR PROVING YOUR LOVE in countless ways.