Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Please Pray for our New Teachers!

Working with children is a joyful task yet it requires  a lot of prayer, preparation and patience. It is physically exhausting but fulfilling. While they wait on us teachers to feed them, we also wait on God to work in their hearts. It is a challenge and a humbling experience every time. Usually, there are no instant visible results and sometimes we feel discouraged.. yet by faith we go on.

Just knowing that we are communicating God's love to them is already a reward in itself. When we see them sing a song with joy, when we  hear them recite  a Bible verse, or even when they wave from afar as they see us approaching, our hearts already glow. 

...and now the thought of leaving these children makes me feel hollow inside. Sans all the drama in the world (wink! that's very Esil,haha!) I request all of you to please pray for us.

Here in Sisophon, we teach 3 groups of children:
around 40 Kids in the neighborhood (Sunday afternoon)
30 Military Camp kids (Monday afternoon)
100 kids in Ra Village (Wednesday afternoon)

God is so good! He gave us these wonderful (and take note: pretty!) Khmer ladies to help us in this ministry. Little by little, we train them to love Jesus and to learn to serve Him too. As much as we would love to give our best for The Master, we fail a lot of times. Pressing needs grab our attention plus with our present schedule and these ladies' studies, it's hard to work things out.

                            Joanna, me, Debbie, Chan Sa, Sarah, and Miriam

Please pray for their daily walk with Christ.

Please pray for spiritual maturity to handle God's work.

Please pray for humility and desire to be trained.

Please pray for real love for children and missions.

Please pray for wisdom and enabling power of The Holy Spirit.

Please pray for more Khmer children to know Jesus as their Savior and God through them.

                                                       Debbie in action!

                                         Sarah, assisting Teacher Rhoda