Monday, July 26, 2010

from Mear's "What The Bible is All About"

I just want to share this..
I was studying the Book of Acts a few months ago when I happened to read this portion of that thick book! : )
Just random though... just phrases and sentences that caught my interest while reading...

The word witness is used over 30 times in the book of Acts

Salvation comes to this world through CHRIST ALONE (Acts 4:12)

Are you witnessing for CHRIST?
If not, why not?

... if you have no witness for Christ, look into your heart . For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. (p.413)

The believers' one aim was to bring men to the saving knowledge of JESUS CHRIST. He was their ONE THEME, and The WORD of GOD their ONE WEAPON.

The disciples were Simple
Straightforward and
They depended ENTIRELY upon the power of GOD, through HIS SPIRIT.
They moved with a ZEAL that could not be quenched, and a courage that was unflinching. (p.415)

Mighty WIND --- heavenly power
Luminous TONGUES ---divine Presence
different SPEAKING of tongues --- power to witness -
this is interesting, the people who heard understood! These Galileans are proclaiming the wonderful works of GOD in languages that they couldn't possibly speak..

oh, to have the passion like those of the early Church believers..
these "unlearned" men had been with Jesus!
May we who claim to be Jesus' disciples today can certainly smile and say..
"yes, I have been with Jesus!"
This is a rebuke for me too.. how many moments of my day have been spent with Jesus Whom I claim to love?! For only when I spend precious moments with Him can I be a powerful witness for Him!

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